Wholetones Serenity Sleep Mask

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Wholetones Serenity Sleep Mask delivered to your door – Covered by our 90-day money back guarantee. The sleep mask contains the sleep frequency 396Hz — just like the song Suo Gân in the Life, Love & Lullabies collection. So it goes great with this music... the perfect companion to ensure restful, restorative sleep. If that weren’t enough, it’s packed with tourmaline. This semi-precious mineral has been shown to tune your body’s vibrational energy to a more peaceful frequency. This soothes stress, anxiety and negative feelings so you can fall asleep faster and stay asleep through the night! Combine tourmaline with the 396 sleep frequency, and the Life, Love, & Lullabies recordings and you have yourself a recipe for peaceful sleep, All Through the Night—pun intended!