Every ACTIV song has been optimally created with specific frequencies AND Beats Per Minute (BPM) rhythm to give you optimum heart rates and maximum energy! Yes, there is a science behind music and how it affects your brain!

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  • As you lay in bed in the morning to get amped up for your day!
  • On your morning drive to put you in a positive, upbeat mood!
  • While you work out, for the most energetic music you’ll find!
  • During your lunch to power you through a focused afternoon!
  • When you need an afternoon pick me up!
  • To help you stay sharp during a late night!
  • To help you find the motivation for an activity or work project!


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Wholetones TO GO Gen 2

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Wholetones 2Sleep Digital Downloads

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This music lifts my mood and powers my workout better than the Rocky soundtrack — and what a bonus that it is written around one of the most healing vibrations for humans!

Robyn Openshaw,

LOVE my Wholetones ACTIV, especially, “Breathe”, the 4th song from Disc 1 Movement! Absolutely my favorite and I can not have enough of “Breathe”! Not knowing exactly WHY!!! There is something SPECIAL about “Breathe” and “Angels All Around” from Wholetones.

Feng Hsu