This Mother’s Day, Reduce Her Stress, Ease Her Anxiety, and Help Her Find Deep, Restful Sleep

Me and my mom.

Now more than ever, mothers everywhere are worried about their families and children. Whether pacing the floor at night waiting for a teenager to get home from a party, or worrying about how their adult children are faring during a global pandemic, it’s the very nature of a Mother to protect and nurture. Whether the Mother in your life is your mom, step-mom, wife, or grandmother, you know they take on your burdens. Your stress becomes their stress. Your anxiety becomes their anxiety. No wonder they can’t sleep at night!

Mother’s day is coming up on May 10th. With everything going on these days, you probably won’t be able to take her out to dinner. It’s possible you may not even be able to visit the important Mother in your life. But you DO want to honor her, right? And you want to honor her with something special, something unique...something that says “I care about you, and I love you”.

Michael S. Tyrrell has your answer with Wholetones and Wholetones 2Sleep. Each of these solutions have been developed to solve specific issues your Mother might be having, including relief of stress and anxiety, and special frequencies that will help her sleep,

Wholetones has been medically proven to help. Check out what Dr. Christine Stueve, Director of the Sanos Wellness Center has to say about Wholetones...

"Unfortunately, we are in an unprecedented situation which is causing my patients to have a surge in their anxiety, for many reasons. One tool that I have found to be very helpful and effective, is sound frequency. It is incredible what a little music, at specifically calibrated frequencies, can do to ease tension and calm nerves. I have been recommending Wholetones to my patients for years, and I am finding that it is incredibly useful right now for those working from home and feeling anxious about these uncertain times." ~ Dr. Christine Stueve

For over 5 years, Wholetones has helped millions of people around the world, and there has never been a time when reducing stress and anxiety is more important.

But don't just take our word for it, below are just a couple of the more than 10,000 testimonials that Michael has received…

“I have never in my life been moved by a song like I was when I listened to this one. I am serious, my stress literally evaporated.” ~ Jason Boyer

“The relaxation it evokes is extremely beneficial in this stressful world we live in.” ~ Stacey Latislaw

“I happened upon Wholetones and took a minute to listen to the samples. IMMEDIATELY my symptoms subsided. When I stopped listening, they slowly crept back in. That was all I needed! I can't explain the peace I felt while listening!” ~ Beth Philpott Howard

“As soon as I listened to the whole set of Wholetones music, I felt better. When I am stressed, I listen and obtain relief. I believe this music, by itself, is the best stress relief I have ever used. I have noticed my sleep becoming deeper and more restful. I do not know if God does this through the music or if the music was lost knowledge, but I do know for me, it works.” ~ Thomas Collick

For this Mother’s Day, we recommend one of the following options:

Wholetones TO GO: The Healing Frequency Music Project

For stress and anxiety relief all day long, give this gift to Mom for Mother's Day, and she’ll get the beautiful Wholetones TO GO portable music player, containing the original 7 songs (over 3 hours of music) of Wholtones: The Healing Frequency Music Project. PLUS, when you order a Wholetones TO GO for Mom, you get the instant digital downloads of the music for yourself...a $49.00 value, for free!

Wholetones 2Sleep

If Mom is having a tough time sleeping, this is the solution for her. Mom’s around the world report that they are struggling with lack of sleep more than ever. The beautiful and easy to use Wholetones 2Sleep, featuring the 3 hours of frequency tunes music from Wholetones Live, Love & Lullabies is CLINICALLY PROVEN to help mom fall asleep faster, stay asleep longer, and wake up refreshed. When you buy Mom the Wholetones 2 Sleep portable music player, you’ll also receive the instant digital download of Life, Love & Lullabies for your own use. This $49.95 value will be sent with our compliments


Finally, we have our NIGHT and DAY package, which includes BOTH of the Wholetones portable music players above, giving mom the best of stress and anxiety relief, plus a great night sleep...and it includes a free Wholetones 2Sleep mask, so she can block out the light, while she drifts off into deep, restful sleep. With this $29.95 value mask included free, plus the digital downloading music of BOTH Wholetones collections (over 6 hours of healing music) as a free gift, this is definitely the BEST VALUE.

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  • Each order of a portable music player comes with free digital downloads of all of the corresponding Wholetones music which comes on that player. Digital music will be delivered to the email address used to place the order.

  • This offer valid only for contiguous United States

  • We guarantee any order placed by 4/30/2020 will be shipped by 5/1/2020 via USPS Priority Mail, so your order should arrive in plenty of time for Mother’s Day. HOWEVER, due to increased demand on delivery carriers, your orders may be delayed beyond our control. NO carrier is offering guaranteed service at this time. Order delays due to carriers are not the responsibility of Wholetones, and therefore cannot be guaranteed.

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