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Dear Fellow Christian,

The stories are flooding in. (I couldn't stop them if I tried).

Lives are being blessed.

And flat-out miracles appear to be happening for Believers and non-Believers all around this beautiful planet.

In spite of what the main-stream media would like you to believe... God IS alive and well! And He is a miracle worker, still doing His will, even as people turn a blind eye. But you know that.

It's just that some of the stories that are coming in are flat-out miraculous:

Like the miracle of the Chinese teenager who was burned while barbecuing – a propane hose came lose and sprayed his face, neck, and arms – instantly igniting and causing severe 3rd degree burns. The hospital swabbed his face with "Chinese Medicine" and "sent him home"... saying there was nothing else they could do.

Chinese Boy with 3rd Degree Burns

Day 2, less than 24 hours after playing "special music" for him...

5 Days later He was Approximately 90% Healed!

Here He is Today. It's as if the Accident Never Even Happened

At the time, some missionary friends were serving in China – and they were asked to go over as a team and pray for the boy.

The Chinese boy and family were not believers, but still... they welcomed the missionaries in and said they could go all through-out the house and pray.

Some of the missionaries started to treat the boy's burn. Mostly because the Chinese medicine that was put on at the hospital was drying-out the boy's skin and causing him incredible pain.

So they used olive oil and Q-tips to very slowly (over the course of about 2 hours) clean-off all of the Chinese medicine.

The rest of the team of missionaries came over too, and they brought their guitars and speaker. Again, they were welcomed in by the family.

Once inside, several of the missionaries started praying – and a few others helped treat his burns some more.

Then, the guitar players had their guitars tuned to the right frequency (more about this in a minute) and they began to play in a special key. The missionaries played their guitars in this "special key" for about 90-minutes non-stop.

Then, as they left, they gave the family a copy of the "special music" – and they instructed them to play the music in the boy's bedroom as he rested-up.

A couple days later, the missionaries got a text with a photo that showed incredible healing (see photo above) – and even better... he was no longer having the nightmares the accident had brought on.

Then, after about 5 days they got another picture and it showed about 90% healing.

Later, the missionaries ran into the boy and they said they didn't even recognize him! There was NO SIGNS of him being burnt to a crisp! He only had a single scar about the size of a quarter on one of his wrists.

A few months after the accident the boy became a believer and was even baptized!

Ultimately, using nothing but the power of prayer and faith, applying olive oil to his skin, and listening to this "special music" I'm about to tell you about – his skin was healed to a beautiful, peachy-brown – soft like a newborn's within days. (These are the actual photos that were texted over by his family.)

Isn't that miraculous?!

Then there's the 14 year old boy who tried to hang himself. When his mother found him, he wasn't breathing - but fortunately, he was still alive - lying unconscious on the floor. In the emergency room, the doctors determined the young man to be "brain dead" and most likely to never recover to a normal life.

But after flooding his hospital with prayer and my "special music" – a few hours later – he woke-up and was totally alert. He still has some physical and mental challenges – and he's certainly not back to "normal" – but the fact he's not brain- dead and has regained 80% of his mobility, and most of his function, is a downright miracle. His mom had big faith believing she would walk out of the hospital with him... and she did.

hospital girl

And then there's the sweet girl who was in a coma for 28 days. Her family had prayed and prayed for her recovery. But when they played this "special music" for her as she laid in her hospital bed – she actually woke- up after 20 minutes of the music. I never thought music could have such incredible healing results... but it really does.

Other stories I've heard or read are less miraculous than these – but none-the-less amazing. Ranging from: overcoming years of depression, to eliminating lifelong back pain. Or simply "my walking is getting better" to "I sleep much more restfully".

Now stop and think about this:

When it comes to the INDIVIDUAL IMPACT of each story – whether you or I regard it as miraculous or not – that story IS a miracle for that individual.

Let me explain this a little more clearly:


A 74-year old grandmother I know has suffered from massive headaches for 45 years. The only relief she's found was in using blocks of ice to numb her head for hours at a time. The doctors had tried every imaginable treatment or drug – including SHOCK treatments with no success.

But get this: after using this music for just 10-days, she was able to go for four days in a row without a single headache. I think you'd agree...

THAT is a true miracle in her life.

So What Exactly IS This "Special Music"?

That’s where I come into the picture. My name is Michael Tyrrell. I’m a musician and a minister.

I started playing guitar around the age of 10 and then, later I had the opportunity to study classical guitar with Joseph Lazarro – who was a protégée of the legendary classical guitarist from Spain, Andres Segovia.

When I was about 18 years old, I got “discovered” and started touring and playing the guitar at shows with the “Young American Showcase” during my high school senior year.

One thing lead to another – and it wasn’t long before I was working with Mylon Lefevre and Broken Heart. And in the past few years I’ve traveled and ministered with Jason Upton. And one of my more recent gigs was playing, touring and recording with Rick Pino and Fire Rain ministries.

I also travel and minister using music and the Word with my team of skilled ministers and musicians. I love to share my message with most anyone who will hear it.

My heart, my vision, and my focus is on building a network of Christians who are committed to having a greater impact on the world – and to be a voice to awaken the church.

Which brings me to how this “special music” came to be… and it starts with...

A Hole-in-the-Wall Coffee Shop in Jerusalem

Interestingly enough, this whole thing started when I took a trip to Jerusalem. A close friend of mine, Pastor Don, went with me.

Don said "I believe the Holy Spirit is telling us to go to this area in Jerusalem... once we get there, we will know it. And I have a feeling we're going to see my old friend Rubin – who doesn't even know we are in Israel."

After 20-minutes of driving around and "catching up" we happened to see a little hole-in-the-wall coffee shop, and decided to stop.

It must have been a divine appointment, because Don's friend, Rubin, walked into the coffee shop a little while after they got there!

healing frequencies

I met a piano player named David at a coffee house in Jerusalem who changed my life

The coffee shop was cozy enough... and they had a piano over in the corner – with a very talented pianist busy at work. Turns out, this pianist’s name was David… “David the Piano Man” I guess you could say.

After enjoying the ambiance of this little music-filled coffee house, I began to notice – oddly enough – that right there, smack-dab in the middle of Jerusalem – this piano player was performing his own renditions of Christian worship songs!

Realizing what he was doing, I found it both funny and ironic. I kept glancing over at the pianist… thinking ‘what’s this guy up to?!’

Then the piano player looked up just long enough to see me staring at him with this curious look on my face. It was that moment that he knew that I knew what he was doing! (You’ve got to admit it’s a bit ironic to be playing those songs in that location!)

So we both smiled and nodded to each other, as if to say “nice to meet you”.

A few minutes later, the piano player went on break – and after a while, he came up to me and my friend to introduce himself.

"My name is David" he said, as he sat down next to me.

What Happened Next Changed My Life Forever...

As it turns out, David the Piano Man's life's work was studying the ancient psalms of King David – in ancient Hebraic forms of music... and with him he had manuscript copies of many of these psalms.

Without hesitation, David sensed he should share his work with me. After a few minutes, he began to tear-up just a bit – and he handed me a copy of his music manuscripts. And then said – "These are for you Michael... Yeshua told me you would know what to do with them."

He had spent hours and hours of hard work recreating these ancient psalms into Hebraic forms of music.

healing frequency

a few of my notes from the manuscript...

And as soon as the manuscripts hit my hand, we both started to weep. The Spirit in that moment was overwhelming – and it became clear to both of us... this meeting wasn't just "happen-stance".

Gratefully, I accepted the manuscripts. Then we hugged, exchanged contact details, and parted.

Well... life certainly has a way of "getting in the way" – and the manuscripts ended-up in my top desk drawer for two years. Every time I saw them I was reminded of the special moment they were given to me.

But it took two years of "putting it off" before I finally decided, “You know… that wasn’t a ‘chance meeting’ with David.” And I started to take a more careful look at some of the manuscripts.

After a while, I noticed something mysterious...

David Had Adapted Them to a Modern Key.

And sonically – I could just tell that something “was off”. Thinking back to the conversation we had that night in Jerusalem... I remembered David saying, “Yeshua said you would know what to do with them.”

Suddenly... the light came on... and I knew exactly what to do with them!

I noticed the original manuscript was in a different key... and based on all the research I had done on ancient music, I knew that King David tuned his instruments higher than what we know as the “modern musical tuning system”.

healing frequency

David the shepherd boy soothed King Saul with the healing sounds of his lyre

So I did some experiments.

During these experiments, I came across a reference to King David on page 222 of my Bible.

Now, I don’t know if what happened next was some sort of divine intervention or not – but something inside me told me I should “double that page number and THEN re-tune my guitar...”

So I did. I doubled the number… which resulted in 444. Then, I grabbed my guitar and tuned it up to 444 hertz... which is just a musician’s fancy way of saying “444 vibrations per second”. Once I re-tuned the guitar, I started playing. And something unexplainable happened:

An out-pouring of the Holy Spirit filled the room as the music seemed to flow effortlessly from my guitar.

These ancient frequencies – this re-tuning of my guitar – seemed to transform the energy of the entire room.

It was in that calm, peace-filled moment I realized these were the same exact frequencies the prophet David had used to heal King Saul.

And these ancient, healing frequencies and vibrations were now right under my fingers.

And I’m absolutely convinced that God had given these frequencies to King David, and I know for a fact that my piano-playing-friend David gave them to me.

I hope you can see the many mini-miracles that are all intertwined – things that had to happen – in order to be able to re-discover these healing frequencies. It has all unfolded so beautifully.

Next, I Was Curious If Anyone Else Had Made This Same Incredible Discovery.

Turns out... they had!

My independent findings were confirmed with a quick Google search. But... it didn’t take long before I made another shocking discovery...

These Frequencies are available on YouTube FREE of Charge...

But... they’re aren’t going to “go viral” any time soon. Why’s that? Well… it’s because they’re just boring old “sine waves” of the given frequency.

youtube frequency

It’s a joke, really.

They simply run a loop of a single sound in the corresponding frequency. And how any human can listen to them for more than 10-seconds is mind-boggling! (Truthfully I was bored out of my mind the first time I heard them! Even gave me a little bit of a headache!)

That's when the idea hit me:

Why not create a more enjoyable, powerful listening experience from hearing these healing frequencies in warm, peaceful, soul-enveloping songs?

And that’s the moment “Wholetones™: The Healing Frequency Music Project” was born!

So let me ask you: would you like to experience just how powerful the healing properties of these frequencies are? Good! Because right now, I’m going to demonstrate to you a first-hand account of their healing power.

But first – I need to warn you about something:

Before I share the frequencies with you – I want to tell you a quick story. Now this story may shock you... or (more likely) it might even bring tears to your eyes as the story unfolds. But most importantly, I think it will witness to you the truth that this musical discovery is a real gift from God. And it all starts with...

My Own Mother's Healing Story

music flower

My mom was suspected to have a “pancreatic mass” in 2005. And the doctor said she’d need a 4-hour surgery to remove the mass. Of course, once I got the news, my wife and I made a mad-dash to be there with my mom.

The doctor feared it was cancer – simply because he had never seen a pancreatic mass that wasn’t cancer.

Now this is important: I brought my “key of David” guitar along with our travel bags. And the night before my mom was to go to the operating room, I asked her if she would like me to play for her.

She readily agreed.

So I tuned my guitar and began playing in the 741Hz frequency... I softly and gently placed the headstock of my guitar against mom’s ribcage... making my best guess as to where her pancreas was.

Then, as I played the guitar – something beautiful happened to her. In her words:

"Michael felt like the Lord wanted him to play his guitar over me – and I was more than willing. He asked me to close my eyes – and I did. After that, I don't remember much. In fact, afterwards, I asked him how long he had been playing over me?"

"And he said it was around 20 minutes. But I don't remember that at all – all I remember is when I closed my eyes, probably 2 or 3 minutes after my eyes were closed I could see this... this thing... this black, round-looking thing with tentacles."

"And although the images in my mind were a bit frightening – I just kept my eyes closed. As Michael played, this black, round-looking thing with tentacles began to fade. Now, I can only assume it was the mass that had grown in my pancreas – it's how the doctors described what they had seen during their tests. Well... long-story-short... in my mind, I could see the mass begin to fade."


She continued:

"As it faded, it got less and less dark. Less and less – then all of the sudden – everything went green. And it was the brightest green I had ever seen in my life! And then I said 'I'm healed'."

"And during this experience, Michael had been playing the whole time. I didn't know what he was playing. I don't even remember. I don't even know how long this whole experience took."

"But he said he was going to play some 'special key' over me... or chord – I don't remember what he called it now... but he touched me softly every now-and-then with his guitar. I could feel the vibration a little – but other than that, that was it."

It finally came time for my mom to have her operation, they said it would take about 4 hours. But there was something me and my sweet mom both knew that the doctors didn’t know: she was already healed.

They took her in for surgery. Once they opened her up, they discovered she had a very sick gallbladder. So they removed it.

And that’s when something really wonderful happened...

After About 45-Minutes the Surgeon Came Out Beaming – "No Cancer! No Cancer!... Everything is Clear!"

michael and mom

In fact, just before the surgeon came busting in with the good news... right after the nurse had told me and my wife the surgeon was going to come out to speak with them, I felt the Holy Spirit witness to me in a very clear voice, “She’s healed. The cancer is gone.”

And it was. Even better...

My Mother is Still Tumor-Free... 11 Years Later

Isn't that astonishing?

Her doctor was just as shocked as everyone else. I’ll never forget what the doctor said:

"I treat 'em, God heals 'em!"

Now, I’m the first to admit it: I didn’t know if my guitar music had caused the healing. But… one thing I DO know is that there really is no other explanation.

So, based on this one modern-day miracle, I think you’d agree... it’s safe to say that these ancient healing frequencies and the God-given music that has come from them are much more than anything you’ll find on YouTube, or anywhere else.

In fact, they aren’t binaural frequencies, sine waves, or like anything else ever created.

After this experience with my dear mom, it became my sole focus and vibrant passion to put-out an audio CD that others could use for their own healing miracles.

So now, after a TON of hard work and a few minor-miracles that caused just the “right” bunch of musicians to come together at just the “right” time – I’m proud to bring you...

"Wholetones™: The Healing Frequency Music Project"


These are actual songs. MUSIC played by real musicians... all composed in the "Key of David" – and I think this music will quickly become the soundtrack to your life.

The music flowed effortlessly in the studio. In fact, I personally believe these frequencies were passed down to King David by God Himself.

And His original manuscripts were transcribed by an amazing piano player and believer – David from Jerusalem.

And he gave those manuscripts to Me – and when I took a closer look with his "educated eye", I could plainly see they were transcribed to the wrong frequency... A=440 Hz – which just wasn't consistent with what I knew of King David's tuning.

I sought to "right the wrong" and re-tuned my guitar to match King David's original frequency.

The fascinating "side story" to this is the fact that:

Up Until This Point No One Had Ever Questioned How Modern Musicians Tuned Their Instruments!

Here's what I mean. In the USA (and most of the "modern music world") most songs are based-on "Concert Pitch" or "Standard Pitch" – which uses 440 Hz as the main frequency to tune to.

Using a common frequency like this to tune to is what allows musicians to play their instruments together in harmony.

Ask any guitar player – they'll tell you they tune to A=440 Hz. It's just the way it's "always been". But the truth is: it's NOT the way it's "always" been.


Most symphony orchestras purposely do NOT tune their instruments to 440Hz...

Well, Joseph Sauveur (1653-1716) was the father of musical acoustics. He was the original reason Bach, Beethoven, and Mozart all tuned to 432 HZ. And later, Ernst Chladni (1756-1827) defined middle "C" as 256 HZ (the same as "A" = 432 HZ) – so it's safe to say that A=432 Hz was the standard tuning of that era. And even still today, many symphony orchestras still tune to 432Hz.

This continued through the 1700s – 432 HZ was a popular tuning. And from a harmonic standpoint, it was also a favorable frequency when it comes to the human body on a cellular level.

Anyway, by the 1850's a full-out tuning war had pretty much unfolded in Europe. And a lot of instruments were actually redesigned to play at pitches from 420 to 460 HZ = A.

Some played in even higher frequencies. So "standard" tuning didn't exist... and musicians were all-over-the-place with how they tuned their instruments.

That's when the French government put together a committee of composers to create an internationally recognized "standard tuning". And in 1859 France did, in fact, pass a law establishing A=435HZ. And although not all countries went along with it – it pretty much became the standard up until World War II.

And This Is Where "Standardized Tuning" Takes a Bit of a Bizarre Twist:

In 1939, Nazi Propaganda Minister Joseph Goebbels organized the first "international conference" to make the standard pitch A=440. It was already the standard in Germany – and he had plenty of good reasons for the rest of the world to switch to it. As Hitler's right-hand-man, this guy was incredibly convincing.


Nazi Propaganda Minister Joseph Goebbels led the charge to standardize A=440Hz tuning... to cause unrest, friction and agitation.

But unknown to everyone except Goebbels at the time – was the fact that the 440 HZ frequency is a dissonant, unrested, and chaotic vibration. And it is scientifically proven to create agitation in the human body.

The Nazi scientists understood this. And they basically wanted to use the vibration as a tool to "herd" people into elevated states of aggression, agitation, and emotional distress.

This is why Joseph Goebbels – master of mind-control, manipulation, and unspeakable evil – was so concerned with the international standardization of musical pitch. In fact, Goebbel once said:

"If you tell a lie big enough and keep repeating it, people will eventually come to believe it."

He knew the pitch of A=440 would facilitate social unrest, friction, and agitation. He knew it would make control over the masses easier.

Once "agitated", he knew he could use that frequency to gain power over the masses.

So by replacing and removing harmonic, life-giving tunings such as 417HZ, 432HZ, and especially 444HZ – which came directly from heaven – he could virtually wipe-out good on the planet.

And unfortunately, the pitch of A=440 has remained "the standard" since 1939.

So please, now that you know the truth, please consider this message your wake-up call. If you don't get anything else from me today – PLEASE – get this message!

With this knowledge, this is your chance to SHIFT the entire planet. But you have to believe.

I say...

It's Time for a Vibrational, Musical Revolution on Our Planet!

A revolution that will both advance healing in the world – as well as peace.

And thanks at least in some small way to Wholetones™, this revolution has already begun... with musicians and worship teams across the country who are re-tuning their instruments to perform at the most beneficial vibrations that impact audiences with truly life-changing frequencies.

Frequencies that are life-sustaining and healing on every level. (In fact, we are getting feedback from several worship teams at churches who have re-tuned their instruments and they swear it's enhanced their worship times.)

And if you doubt what I'm saying – look into the tireless research of Dr. Leonard G. Horowitz...

Dr. Horowitz Has Scientifically Confirmed That A=444 is a Healing, Life-Giving Frequency. And that...

A=440 is Unquestionably Detrimental to the Human Body & Psyche

This is all backed by solid science. It's based on universal principles- universal laws of vibration and frequency.

And it certainly isn't some "new age" woo-woo crap where you sit Indian-style in a drum circle singing Kumbaya – waiting for some magic, unseen forces to descend upon you and give you your every dream come true.

No. Not even close.


And I'm quite confident you will experience some wonderful shifts in your life simply by listening to Wholetones™.

Obviously I can't promise you'll see miracles... but I know it's not only possible – it's also highly likely – because I can't deny the truth of my own experiences... let alone the many hundreds of miraculous stories I hear from my customers.

And through divine intervention – all this has led to the creation of what you'll soon have in your hands, your heart, and in your Soul – which is "Wholetones™: The Healing Frequency Music Project".

And as further testament that this entire project has been orchestrated by God's guiding hand is this simple fact:

Me and the Other Musicians Had
 NO IDEA What We Were Going to Play When
We Went Into the Studio... No Sheet Music...
No “Charts”... No Plan... NO NOTHING!

(that's a BIG "no-no" in today's world of music production).

Coming into the studio “unprepared” is a costly proposition. But I honestly felt it was the best thing to do. I told the other musicians:

healing tones

The music flowed effortlessly in the studio

"I trust the Spirit will guide us. These musicians are all tops with their instruments, and I have faith they'll 'get it' once they feel the energy behind this."

And boy, did they ever "get it".

This music is both beautiful and unique! And it sounds like it could have come straight from Heaven.

  • We used the best gear we could find. We recorded the music with analog technology, where possible, with minimal digital sampling.
  • Even the drums were tuned to the right frequency
  • What you're going to hear on every song is crystal-clear and clean so you can feel the raw healing power of the frequencies come through each track.
  • We used the finest instruments... hand-crafted from the finest materials.

When we started playing in the studio, the audio engineer pushed the 'record' button and we all simultaneously felt the hand of God guide us through each song.

healing tones

Amazed at how God brought these sounds out of us

"So unlike the boring, headache-inducing straight tones you'll find on the internet, these are actual songs. Recorded by real, world-class musicians. In one of the finest recording facilities available. They are beautiful."

But don't take my word for it. Have a listen for yourself...

Below are samples of this incredible collection of songs. To experience their peaceful, healing power – go ahead and turn up your volume, click the play button (one at a time) – and sit back, close your eyes, and allow your soul to feast on this beautiful, inspiring music:

Tap here to play 396 Hz.

396 Hz

Listen to a sample

417 Hz

Listen to a sample

444 Hz

Listen to a sample

528 Hz

Listen to a sample

639 Hz

Listen to a sample

741 Hz

Listen to a sample

852 Hz

Listen to a sample

Having trouble playing the samples? CLICK HERE.

I’m positive that once you pushed the “play” button you’ll soon begin to feel tangible relief from the stresses you’re dealing with right now, and that you’ll gain hope and confidence in yourself and your future.

In fact, I'm so certain of it, I'm so confident – I flat-out guarantee you're going to absolutely LOVE what you hear – here's my guarantee to you, in writing:

Your Wholetones™ Investment is Backed by a No-Hassle, 365-Day "You'll Love It" Transformation Money-Back Guarantee

Try Wholetones™ Without Risk for a Full Year

If you don't fall in love with the music and how it blesses you and your family's life – if Wholetones™ doesn't assist you in transforming your life – just send it back and you'll get a full, complete no-hassle refund any time during those 365 Days.

What's more, each audio CD is backed by my "Lifetime Scratch Replacement Warrantee" which says:

If your audio CD or DVD becomes "too scratched" to play (even if it's your fault!) you can get a replacement Disc simply by sending me the scratched-up one, and paying for my costs to get it to you. (Usually around $7).

Your complete and total satisfaction is my goal.


Simply because your happiness ensures that I succeed on my mission to get Wholetones™ to as many Believers as I possibly can – in the shortest possible time!

I know that if YOU love it, you'll tell your friends and fellow Believers about it. So I want you to be happy with your investment.

You have my absolute word!

Michael Tyrrell, The Musician Behind "Wholetones"

Speaking practically – Wholetones™ will bless your every day life in ways you can't imagine. For example, if you're "stressed-out" at all – this music – these frequencies – are going to bless your life and change your world for the better.

Check-off any of these signs of stress that you have:

  • You have "senior moments" more often than you'd like
  • You have trouble sleeping
  • You have a lack of energy – especially in the afternoon
  • You have lower sex drive
  • You're more irritable both at home and at work
  • You're having a hard time losing the weight you want to get rid of
  • You have puffy ankles or legs
  • Your hair is "too dry" or you have dandruff
  • You couldn't live without your coffee or "diet Coke"
  • Your finger nails are constantly splitting or breaking because they're too brittle

Wholetones™ will help you deal with all these challenges and more.

god and man

If you want to feel a "more sure" sense of purpose, a better connection with God and your fellow man – if you want to feel valued, loved, hopeful, or at-peace in the midst of this modern world of chaos – you will love what Wholetones™ brings to your life.

This healing music was truly orchestrated by the Lord – through us – with all the credit and the glory to Him.

I know it's from Heaven because my customers, my fellow Believers, they tell me. Most every day I'll get another email, a letter, a Facebook post, or a phone call from someone whose life has been blessed through listening to Wholetones™. Have a look at what just some of them have to say:

IMPORTANT NOTE: Due to the confidential nature of these mostly Spiritual experiences, almost all of these comments only have initials or just first names.

But these comments are all real and they ARE on file in my office or on my computer.

I just think that, in today's "hyper-privacy-sensitive world" – I want to respect my customer's privacy, just as I would respect your privacy in the same way once you send me your feedback.

Regardless, the following comments are 100% real and raw, showing the transforming power of God's healing found in the Wholetones™ Healing Frequency Music.

I'm constantly amazed by the wide variety of stories that continue to come in from customers every single day! From knee pain to kidney damage, PTSD to ADHD, tinnitus to insomnia, peace and productivity... and so much more.

Take a look at what just a few of them have to say:

The Testimonials below are unedited, and have been submitted from real people just like you. None of these people were compensated for their testimonial. They are sharing because they love Wholetones, and they want you to know about it. Some of the results you will read about may be quite dramatic. These results may not be typical. Your results may vary.

"Sounds like Angels"

"I definitely feel alive in different ways with each Wholetones Song. Actually listen to all everyday and then a second time I'll pick and choose a few! Today I had a rather strange encounter with both The Key of David and the Great Awakening!"

"They were as if it was the first time listening they both sounded totally new to me and more powerful and this may sound strange also I heard what sounded like angels singing when listening to the Key of David! Each song touches me different and all good!"

— Linda N

"He Said He Could Feel Something Physically Happening to His Heart. Thank You Yeshua and Thank You Michael"

"I purchased this for one of my sons who has moved out of state and has been struggling with loneliness and depression as well as some other health issues."

"He works the graveyard shift and has been suffering from lack of sleep as well, and if he gets woken up he has a hard time going back to sleep."

"The other night he was awaken by some drunken unruly people nearby, he got really angry and his adrenalin was sky high - he was going to go out and engage the people and then thought better of it knowing it would not end well."

"He did however realize that he would be up for hours with his adrenalin pumped so much, it was then that he remembered the Wholetones – he had not listened to them yet and decided to play it while he laid back down - he said he put on 'the David frequency' and immediately began to feel a physical change, he said he could feel something physically happening to his heart."

"He said it wasn't only 5 - 7 minutes before he was asleep! He had it on a loop so it played the rest of the night and he woke up rested! He has a lot of driving time with his job so now he is listening while driving as well."

"Thank you Yeshua and thank you Michael for being obedient and using your gifts for the Kingdom! I will try to keep you posted as we have more time to try this out."

— John

"Removed Energetic Imbalances"

"Working as a healer and removing trapped emotions is a large part of my work - I was playing Open Door when I removed energetic imbalances from a client yesterday and asked if she felt any difference from all the other times we have worked together - she replied that 'Did it feel different?' ... yes."

"There was a sensation ... like an opening up. It was accompanied, for me, with light ... both white and gold being revealed to me. I might have to contemplate buying those recordings!!!!!"

"I also have felt a warmth coming over me when I listened to The Transformation - and I've only had these recordings for 2 days - WOW looking forward to working with them and my clients will also benefit immensely. Namaste God Bless"

— Liz D.

"Relaxes My Hyper ADHD Son"

"I have used the CDs during 2 healings and have had amazing results! Also, my son has ADHD. He and his friend were especially hyper one night after church. It's a 20 min. drive + or - to get home."

"I put the Key of David in and before we got home he and his friend were talking quietly in the back seat! I play it at work and everyone in the shop seems to be more relaxed. I play all of them at work!! :-)"

— Carla H.

"Completely Normalized My Sleep Schedule"

"I had a messed up sleep schedule due to a back injury that had given me great pain and constant muscle spasms. The back injury has long been mending but my sleep cycles were a mess until I listened to your music."

"After listening to your music, I suddenly stopped feeling so weary and exhausted. I felt awake. And then I having sleep paralysis for over 12 hours at a time, which was a sign my sleep cycles were a mess."

"I have had comparatively normal sleep cycles for over a week now. And they keep getting better. Thank you.

— Alicia

"Improved Focus, Lower Blood Pressure"

"It has been a blessing to both my mental and spiritual well being and Improves my focus during work and relieves stress. Also a positive effect physically. Relaxes, lowers blood pressure, soothes my entire body. Gives me a feeling of oneness with the Lord my God."

— James M.

"Wife Snapped Out of a Funk"

"The biggest thing is that it brings a deep sense of peace when I'm listening to it. Also, my wife was in a funk for a while. One day she suddenly snapped out of it. Everyone in the family noticed. Then she realized it was while she was listening to Wholetones in the car that everything changed for her. (It was even while driving on a snowy day with terrible traffic!)"

— Kevin G.

"Concentration & Creativity Soar!"

"All of the pieces have had a positive impact on me. Desert Sojourn and Key of David have become my standard back round when I am creating my art work. I concentrate at a higher level and creativity seems to increase substantially."

"All of these pieces of music have impacted my life in more ways than I can describe."

"I gave them to my daughter to listen to and she was amazed at the effect it had on her children and herself. They all have had issues with ADD and anger and she can tell the difference in their attention and mood when she plays the CDs."

— Norah R.

"Lucid Dreams + Stomach Pain Gone!"

"The very first night I downloaded it, I had an upset stomach from something I ate... While sitting on my couch cringing in pain, I remembered the Wholetones download. So I played all of them and somewhere between the first and last songs, the pain left!"

"Now I even listen to it with a headset on during sleep because I sometimes wake up and have a hard time getting back to sleep at night, After starting the music, I notice I have good dreams and lucid dreams! This is great!"

— Eric O.

"Body and Mind Calm Down"

"My entire body calms right down when I am playing your music... especially when I am reading. I have a very difficult time meditating but when I listen to your music I can actually stay focused on the music and not the chatter that usually goes on in my mind...its so beautiful!"

— Marianne F.

"My Students Are Calmer & Less Stressed"

"Not only do I listen daily but I played it in my classroom for finals. The students were calmer and less stressed."

— Jan K.

"Joy BEYOND Joy"

"It takes me to a place of joy, sometimes, even of a "Joy BEYOND Joy". Especially #7 followed by #6 (during the day I listen to 6, then 7) which helps me to a MUCH more restful sleep!

— James M.

"Brings Peace to My Environment"

I find the music very calming and therapeutic; it brings peace to my environment and changes the atmosphere in my home.

— Sylvaine M.

"Better Sleep Helping To Heal Body"

"During a relapse of my MS I received the email about Wholetones. With pain and difficulty sleeping and my mind racing this seemed like it was meant to help me."

"The music instantly soothed me and I was able to sleep continuously as long as it was playing. Better sleep is helping my body heal and also keeping my mind at peace."

— Dede

"Anxiety Diminishing"

"The songs help me to relax, as a driver, much of my day can be filled with random thoughts, and very hectic drivers. At first I did not understand how music can play a part in how we react to various aspects of our lives."

"I like so many have gotten off track with God and my spiritual growth, and journey. As I began to listen to each track, I became relaxed and felt many of my issues begin to diminish many of my anxieties, such as school, and my job."

"I've listened to the song multiple times, and each time, my attitude has changed, and give people a lot more grace."

— Harold S.

"Using Wholetones in Clinic"

"I have been sleeping better and am more focused during the day. I maintain a sense of peace throughout all my daily activities. I am currently in grad school getting a Master's in acupuncture. I use Wholetones in the clinic during my intern rotations."

— Mary J.

"PTSD & Anxiety Replaced By Calmness"

"I play them continuously in my home. It keeps the atmosphere so peaceful. You just have a true sense of well being while listening!! My son-in-law is an Iraq war veteran who came home with PTSD as well as some physical injuries."

"We recently took a cruise with him and my daughter, and we saw that Rick was having great anxiety being around all the people. I had my Wholetones loaded on my mp3 player. When I saw Rick getting anxious I gave him my mp3."

"The soothing music helped him remain calm. My daughter is going to order the Wholetones to keep playing them continuously in their home. I am praying they will help him as he also suffers from severe headaches due to a brain aneurysm he suffered on his return from Iraq."

— Marlene L.

"Woke Up Without the Searing Pain In My Back"

"Last night I put on Open Door and set it so it would play over and over again. My 12 year old son had had a really bad stomach bug things were coming out both ends for hours. I thought it would sooth him."

"But it also helped me; I have not been able to stretch in years and every morning I would wake-up in severe pain in my back. I found my self doing a full body stretch several times during the night arms over head all the way to tip of toes."

"Sleepily I wondered why and how I was doing it with no pain IT FELT GOOD. I woke up with out the searing pain in my back. My son is also much better."

— Jane R.

"Answer to Prayer"

"I had prayed several days before I came across your website. I asked GOD to please send me music that was soothing like what King David played for King Saul. I have been extremely sick and there is no medicine that can help."

"Only lots of rest and very light food. When I read your website and listened to the samples over and over for about one hour, then I knew GOD had sent your site to me. The music is very beautiful and I feel so much deeper in rest. Thank you! GOD bless"

— Tricia C.

"Amazing Worship"

"Oh my gosh... I used it for the last 2 days of my Esther fast....these cd's blew my worship to places I have never been before...I 'see' things I would have never seen if I did not have these."

— Carolyn A.

"444 Had A Profound Impact"

"This had a profound impact from the first time l heard it. Actually it brought on floods of tears. I like all the songs but this really brought it home to me."

— John U.

"Physically Feeling Better"

"It has brought me to feeling complete within myself and closer to God. My husband and now listen to them together and we are doing much better as well. I physically feel better, I have had a lot of digestion problems. When I read that 417 was known to help... I wasn't surprised!"

— Catherine B.

"Helping with Pain"

"Everyday it is helping me in my healing journey. When I wake up in pain in the middle of the night I listen to the music and it settles me again. Such a gift from God, Thank you!"

— Jenny F.

"Casting All Anxiety On Him Becoming Real"

"For four years we have been going through turmoil with work-related- injury/medical/legal issues which, in turn, have led to financial disaster. Listening to Open Door and Great Awakening calms us. "Cast all your anxiety on Him because He cares for You" (1Peter 5:7) becomes REAL with your music.

— Nancy H.

"I Feel Much Better"

"I feel more grounded, way more positive, and physically much better. It's crazy, but I do!"

— Roxanne H.

"Blood Pressure Dropped"

"I get a sense of peace after just playing them all night and throughout the day working at my desk the last two days. Blood pressure dropped from normal 138/85 to 120/65 today!"

— Ray D.

"Physical Reaction"

"Physical reaction: better balance, more activity, increased strength, and better sleep. And, as these changes occur, I notice a lack of strain, a willingness to let Him control the pace and the timing. There is so much freedom in this music!"

— Kathy E.

"A Deep & Inspired Book"

"All I can say is WOW! Such a deep and inspired book. I had to keep reading sentences over and over to soak up the full meaning. I read that book like I was eating my favorite food (which is a yummy organic salad with avocados) I gobbled it all up like I was starving for it, ha ha ha."

— Deanna C.

"Mother of 5 Gets Renewed Energy"

"This cd compilation has made me feel much calmer at peace. I am a mom of 5 and work full time. To be able to put these CDS on, relax, replace what I lost throughout the day subconsciously, is priceless. After listening, I feel whole again, with a renewed sense of energy and of self. Thank you Michael!!!!!"

— Raelyn H.

"Healing Music for Health Challenge"

"About 12 days ago, I felt the need to have some music for healing as I was having a health challenge. Several hours later Wholetones came up on the Barton Publishing email. I listened to the short version of each cd and immediately ordered the download. I am totally addicted!"

"I play the music on my ipad all day, and carry it around with me to each room. The music speaks to my soul in a way that nothing else has. I am humbled that spirit let me find you and your music."

"It continues to be a connection that is inspiring healing on all levels. Usually I listen to softer flowing meditation music and this was different for me at first but I could not stop listening and now love all the songs."

— Barbara

"These Songs Have Opened My Heart"

"I know I've just begun this journey of healing. These songs have opened my heart. Recently, I've struggled with anger. This is uncharacteristic of me. While listening to your music I had a wave of anger come up from deep in my spirit and to my total surprise, it quickly revealed itself as a deep, deep sorrow."

"I was then able to let it go and give it to Jesus. I never would have guessed that sorrow was behind the anger. They seem like two very different emotions. Praise God!"

"I have stomach problems (probably because of the anger). I went to sleep with the music going and at one point during The Bridge my spirit was so moved it woke me up."

"I felt something shift over my stomach and I've felt different ever since. Music has always been very important to me. I can't sing praise songs at church without crying. People think I'm really distressed but I'm just moved. I can't tell you how much your work has done for me. Thank You!"

— Shannon P.

"My Knees Become Warm"

"Desert Sojourn has become my go to lately (listening to it right now). I first noticed when I play it, my knees become warm. I've had sore knees for a long time and lots of bone on bone creakiness, etc."

"When I play Desert Sojourn not only do I feel heat, but I have increased the ability to do things like squat (which I've been unable to do for years) and have much less pain."

— Patsy V.

"I Have Slept Through the Night"

"I have been listening to Wholetones every day since I purchased it, usually in the morning when I am having my time of prayer and meditation. I've only had it for a few days now, but here's what I'm noticing already:"

"1) I had been having trouble sleeping, and for the last few nights I have slept through the night without even waking-up and looking at the time."

"2) I am working on a big project for our church, which has been a mite stressful. I am finding it easier to turn things over and am more in the flow than I was before I started listening. Considering I've only been using Wholetones a few days, I think this is pretty impressive."

— Sandra W.

"Very Soothing and Uplifting"

"I find them very soothing and uplifting. They bring comfort and relieve stress and I'm hoping they will also help to balance my hormones. I have an over-active thyroid but I will not take the prescribed medication as it is harsh and causes organ damage. I'm hoping Wholetones will work to bring my hormone levels back to normal."

"I have also been playing them overnight to my 6-year-old granddaughter who is extremely hyperactive... and even she loves them! No more fighting to get her to sleep at night so long as she listens to your Wholetones music. I downloaded them onto her iPod and we use a pillow with a built in speaker so we can play them quietly for her."

"I have also played them to residents at the care home where I work. They absolutely love them and found them very relaxing."

"Even those with severe dementia who are not able to express themselves very well found the music to be calming and relaxing. The results have gotten to the point to where other members of my staff could see the difference it makes when we play them."

"My friends on the staff love them too – consequently I have passed on your Website details to them. I hope you don't mind."

— Pam C.

"Lupus: In Just 2 Days My Energy Is Completely Restored"

"At first, I thought it was some new age thing and wasn't going to give it a second thought; but, I felt compelled to keep reading. Then I watch a short video and Michael mentioned God and King David. Now, I was feeling safe."

"I read all the way down and saw my friend Rick Pino's endorsement and then the lights went on in my head. I still had an issue with paying so much for an album. But, I couldn't let it go and prayed about it and felt like the Lord or my spirit was encouraging me to get it. That it was going to help me heal."

"Recently, I was diagnosed with Lupus. I was feeling pretty bad. When I bought it I was completely exhausted. I immediately began to listen and I just couldn't get enough. I cried and cried. I felt God's glory all over the music."

"The more research I did the more respect and love for this project and Michael grew. In just 2-days my energy is completely restored. I feel really good today. I'm so thankful!! This album is worth every penny. I'm hoping he makes more music like this."

— Cindy G.

"Knee Pain Gone"

"I resonate with the music. It calms and heals me. One night I was aware of the effect of the music on the pain in my knees. It was as though the pain was being pulled out of my body, and my knees have been better functioning ever since. My solar plexus area has also improved. It helps me cope better with stress."

— Lynn

"No Pain + Poinsettia Plant Vibrant!"

"You were truly inspired to do your Wholetones CD's, Michael. There have been many positive effects in my physical body, no pain, my walking is getting better, and I sleep much more restfully."

"I have a Poinsettia plant that is positively radiant with crimson leaves without me doing any thing to help it along, other than giving it some water now and then. It was one given me Christmas of 2013. Everyday new red leaves come forth! She brings me such joy!"

— Joan

These are all real results, from real people – people who are from all walks of life. People like you and me. And it still INSPIRES me to read their beautiful stories.

But at this point, I can't say I'm surprised anymore.

So it just doesn't surprise me when my "in-box" gets another letter from someone whose life has been blessed by listening to Wholetones™. In fact...

My Office File Cabinet Is Jammed-Full of Letters Just Like These – & My Email In-Box Is Full of Heartfelt, Gratitude- Filled Letters Like the Ones You've Just Read.

So I really mean it when I say these testimonials could go on for pages and pages.

Okay... let's wrap this up – and...

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My book: "The Sound of Healing" • Unveiling the Phenomena of Wholetones" either as a download, physical copy, or BOTH (a $27.95 value).

It's a full 142-pages of life-changing personal revelation... a virtual key to unlock your hidden potential.

The book is a perfect companion to accompany the music as it demystifies the science behind the frequencies and explains how to get the most out of your listening experience.

There's even a chapter that shows musicians how to calibrate their instruments to play in the 7 healing frequencies!

And of course, the entire history of the healing tones is explained in fascinating detail. (I personally believe historians will eventually prove these frequencies were actually given to King David by God Himself.)

wholetones book

Truly an inspirational journey into the spiritual realm of healing and much, much more...

Both the book and the audio files are available for you to download instantly to your computer or mobile device so you can start enjoying their divine benefits immediately.

And you also get physical copies delivered right to your door if you order the Gold or Platinum Wholetones™ package below. That's right – the songs come as downloadable files PLUS you get 7 professionally mastered, ultra-high quality CDs, along with a digital PDF copy of the book PLUS the physical copy sent to your home for those packages.

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    wholetones chroma

    What is "Wholetones™ Chroma"?

    Well, first off – it uses the same beautiful music that's on the Wholetones™ audio CDs. BUT... it adds a chromo-therapy element.

    Chromo-therapy is a type of therapy that uses colored light frequencies to balance different kinds of energy that may be lacking in a person's body – whether it be physical, emotional, spiritual, or mental energy.

    But many health practitioners utilize colored-light therapy in their practice. These therapists use it a lot on patients who suffer from "Seasonal Affective Disorder", or SAD.

    SAD is a type of depression that happens around the same season each year. (You may have SAD if you feel depressed during the winter, but feel much better in spring and summer.)

    Each color in the electromagnetic spectrum vibrates at its own frequency – and promotes healing and well-being.

    chroma tv

    In this case, Wholetones™ Chroma uses specially designed colors and patterns, inspired by the Wholetones™ healing frequencies, to generate one of the most effective music + color therapy products ever created.

    So, by combining the Wholetones™ music and the healing frequencies from the original audio discs, and specially designed chroma-therapy color patterns on blu- ray... you can turn any room with a monitor or TV into a healing health spa!

    This new product has been especially created using breakthrough techniques tested by Walter Reed Medical Center.

    Watch a short sample of Wholetones™ Chroma right now

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    So how effective is it?

    Well... take a look at what Jordan S. Rubin N.M.D., Ph.D., "America's Biblical Health Coach" and New York Times Best Selling author of "The Maker's Diet" has to say about Wholetones™ Chroma:

    "Wholetones™ Chroma represents an innovative break-through in delivering the power of healing frequencies and photons. Michael Tyrrell is a genius when it comes to this area."

    "And no matter what diet you're on, no matter what supplement regimen, no matter what exercise program that you're undertaking – by adding Wholetones™ Chroma you can lift your health to a new dimension."

    "If you're a health practitioner, I highly recommend broadcasting Wholetones™ in your office – and don't let your patients leave without their own copy of Wholetones™."

    "I'm actually developing a brand new, cutting-edge nutritional supplement line – and we grow it indoors, in the presence of Wholetones™ Chroma!"

    "That's right! I play these healing frequencies of energy, music, and photons so that these living cells of plants can soak it in, just like our bodies do, to be absolutely amazing."

    "I wouldn't want to live another day without Wholetones™, and I don't believe you should either!"

    jordan rubin
    Jordan Rubin, Founder & CEO of Get Real Nutrition

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    Time spent listening to Wholetones™ will probably be your favorite, most relaxing part of the day.

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    I look forward to hearing your Wholetones™ transformation stories. I know they'll happen for you – I have no doubt. So please be sure you get in touch and tell me about your experiences with Wholetones™.


    Here's to allowing the "Key of David" to bless and enhance your life!

    Warmest Wishes for Love + Peace,
    Michael Tyrrell
    The Musician Behind "Wholetones"

    P.S. Hundreds of Christ's followers all over the world have used Wholetones™ to melt their anxiety away – enjoy deeper, more restorative sleep – and even eliminate chronic pain from their life. You can experience these types of blessings, too.

    P.P.S. A lot of people ask me a question something along the lines of: "Is there a song I should listen to if I'm trying to ____________." So here are some guidelines to use that'll be of benefit to you:

    • Track 1 • Open Door (396Hz) – This beautiful piece literally opens you up to receive the healing. Supports blood, liver function, bones, brain health and kidney function.
    • Track 2 •Desert Sojourn (417Hz) – Increased energy has been reported as well as productivity and creativity... supports issues of the stomach – especially digestion. It can also positively affect gallbladder, metabolism, headaches, and lower back pain.
    • Track 3 •The Key of David (444Hz) – The master key with multiple health benefits. Establishes peace amid chaos. Hint – listen to this when you're feeling overwhelmed and anxious.
    • Track 4 •Transformation (528Hz) – Restores your sound, peaceful sleep... balances your hormones, and gently soothes your muscles, circulatory, and lymphatic systems with gentle, alluring musical vibrations.
    • Track 5 •The Bridge (639Hz) – Fosters forgiveness and peace in your relationships boosts your endocrine system and heals your adrenal glands and gallbladder.
    • Track 6 •Great Awakening (741Hz) – Provides you with deep spiritual and emotional healing. Become aware of your spirit within while gently cleansing your immune system.
    • Track 7 •The Majestic (852Hz) – Purely spiritual this magnificent piece is a celebration of Jesus, the King of Kings. Join us in sharing His love for humankind and those who await his glorious return.










    Simply by listening daily to this music you could...

    1. Wipe out your unhealthy fears, drop feelings of guilt and shame, and show you how you can help restore your liver, brain, and kidney functions...(SONG 1, 396Hz)

    2. Remove the recurring, negative cycles in your life like procrastination, addiction, and junk as sluggishness and lethargy disappear and productivity and creativity increase...enhance your digestion, ease stomach issues, balance your metabolism, and erase headaches and lower back pain...(SONG 2, 417Hz)

    3. Discover the Master Key that precipitates all other frequencies. You'll feel soothed by its multiple health benefits as you're tenderly enveloped in peace. This is the very same frequency David used to soothe King Saul's depression...(SONG 3, 444Hz )

    4. Hear the most curious frequency of all... it has the power to relax you... transform your stress into peaceful bliss. Creating the ideal environment for your body to repair hormonal imbalances, ease muscle tension, and release troubles of circulation... (SONG 4, 528Hz)

    5. Enjoy the fostering of peace and forgiveness in all your relationships. Also known to positively affect the endocrine system – particularly gall bladder and adrenal issues...(SONG 5, 639Hz)

    6. Gain a keen awareness of your very own spirit in this powerful yet delicately performed miracle of healing. Experience deep spiritual and emotional healing while cleansing your immune system of common infections. Super-charge your circulatory system to support your healthy heart and blood flow...(SONG 6, 741Hz)

    7. Revel in the frequency that celebrates Jesus Christ, the King of Kings. Purely spiritual – connect in the worship of God, His love for humankind, and His return to those who await Him...(SONG 7, 852Hz)

    Click Below to Choose Your Wholetones™ Package

    Don't decide now... Take all the time you need to try WHOLETONES™ for a full 365 days.

    If you're not satisfied, you can get a full refund of your purchase price within 365 days.

    We kindly accept Visa, Mastercard, Discover and American Express

    P.P.P.S. Remember the scripture where Jesus said, "Ask and ye shall receive"?

    In spite of the typical interpretation of that scripture... I look at it a bit differently. You see, I think Jesus meant it to be less of an admonition... and more of a "statement of fact".

    Think about it... "Shall" is a really strong word.

    Why would He say "SHALL receive" if He was just offering advice? I think He was stating a LAW. If you ASK... you SHALL receive. There's no question in there anywhere.

    The problem is... most of us – even avid believers – fail to ask. Yet, it's in the ACTION of asking that our faith gets demonstrated. And as He's said... He "stands at the door waiting for us to knock."

    Most of us say we believe... but when it comes time to demonstrate our belief... when it comes time to TAKE ACTION – we hesitate. Well... I'm suggesting you not hesitate to take action on this one.

    P.S.#4 One last thing – it's important: I can't tell you how many people have written to tell me that they had been praying... desperately asking God to give them some sort of relief from their stress, anxiety, pain, or spiritual needs – and out- of-the-blue along came Wholetones™ into their life!

    This could be an answer to YOUR prayers, my dear friend.

    Many times God answers our prayers in ways we fail to recognize. And this may be one of those situations.

    It reminds me of the old story of the man standing on top of his house, praying for help and trying to avoid the flood waters. With the water lapping-up onto the roof, a helicopter comes to give him a lift and he refuses, saying "Thanks... but God will save me".

    Then, with the water up to his neck – a boat full of survivors pulls up. But he refuses, saying "I trust God will save me". Then finally he drowns. He gets to heaven and faces God, saying "Why didn't you save me?" And God says: "Hey! I sent a helicopter and a boat for you – what more did you want!?"

    My point is: Wholetones™ just might be the answer to prayer you've been asking for. And here it is – staring you in the face.

    Q: Which classic Wholetones songs help you sleep the best? Wondering if I should play them all, or just certain songs for sleep?

    A: I usually recommend, 396Hz (Open Door) for sound sleep. Simply leave it on repeat to play all night long. Volume should be left at a comfortable level, no need to make it loud. My wife and I do this every night and never make it past the 5 minute mark before, Zzzzzzzz!

    Q: Are these songs available for sale on iTunes?

    A: We have 2 apps available in the App Stores. Just search for “Wholetones.” You may also include digital downloads with your orders from After you download the music to your music library on your computer, you will be able to enjoy on your devices.

    Q: How will the songs be delivered after I buy, and how long will it take for me to get them?

    A: Immediately after buying, you will be taken straight to our download page where you can download and listen to the songs on your computer right away. You can download them into iTunes or any other music player of your choice. You will also receive an email with links to the download page for future reference. If you buy the CD's (which are much higher quality) you will receive them in the mail via Priority Mail. U.S. customers can expect delivery within 3-4 business days. International delivery takes longer, depending on what country you are in.

    Q: How long is each CD? Are there more than 1 song on each CD?

    A: In the Wholetones classic Healing Frequency Music Project, Each CD is 22 minutes and 22 seconds long, and contains one song. There are 7 CDs and 7 songs that total over 2 1/2 hours of healing music. Each song in the 3-CD set of our 2Sleep collection is approximately 30 minutes long, almost 3 hours of music.

    Q: Do I need to use headphones or high quality sound equipment to get the maximum benefit out of listening to Wholetones?

    A: Since Wholetones works on a deeper level, it affects your body whether you listen on headphones or not, use high end stereo equipment, or simply listen on your laptop. Obviously, the better the equipment, the better the music "sounds;” however, regardless of your listening environment, Wholetones works in the body! Headphones are recommended for those who have sustained a brain injury or those who are deaf as they can still "feel" the vibration of the speakers in the headphones themselves, or if you are an audiophile who enjoys critical listening and spatial separation.

    Another thing that is important to know about Wholetones is...volume is a non issue, whether you play Wholetones loud or at a low works the same! There is also no need to concentrate on the music. You can just play it in your home, office or car and continue with your daily activities.

    Q: I'm having trouble ordering online. My order won't go through. What should I do?

    A: Phone support is available between the hours of 8am and 9pm Eastern time, Monday through Friday, and 9am to 5pm Eastern on Saturday & Sunday. Toll Free in the US & Canada: 1-888-TONES40 (888-866-3740) Outside of the US and Canada: +1 905-761-4558.

    Q: What bitrate is the digital music download encoded? What file formats do you provide - both WAV an MP3? Is there a loss in frequencies compared to the CDs?

    A: The Wholetones CD sets are WAV files delivered at: 44.1k 16-bit WAV files at ~750MB (0.7GB). The Wholetones MP3 files online are compressed and delivered at: 44.1k VBR 320 kbps MP3 files at 376.60 MB (0.3GB). In Wholetones Chroma, we are outputting to DVD/BluRay at the following resolution: 48K 24-bit WAV files at 2,531.60 MB (2.5GB).

    Q: I am deaf and cannot hear the tones at all. Will the tones still help me?

    A: Since Wholetones works on a deeper level, it affects your body whether you can actually hear it or not.

    Don't decide now... Take all the time you need to try WHOLETONES™ for a full 365 days.

    If you're not satisfied, you can get a full refund of your purchase price within 365 days.

    We kindly accept Visa, Mastercard, Discover and American Express


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