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Get over 52 Minutes of calming, Soothing, Healing Music for Pets FREE

If Your Dog is Acting Out... Here's a Sure Fire Way to Deal with Common Problems Like Barking, Aggression, and even Separation Anxiety Without Medicine, Doctors, or Other Costly Solutions.


You'll Receive an Instant Download AND a CD ($19.95 Value) for FREE! Just Pay $4.95 Shipping & Handling.

Here's What You Get...

  • Enjoy Peace & Quiet Stop unwanted barking, whimpering, whining, and chewing.
  • Minimize Separation Anxiety Come home to your pet feeling peaceful and content.
  • Calm & Relax Your Dog or Puppy During thunder, fireworks, while the mailman walks by or even high stress moments after surgery.
  • BONUS: Free eBook: "The Sound of Healing" ($19.97 Value) Written by the creator of Wholetones™, this ebook is a perfect companion to accompany the music as it demystifies the science behind the frequencies and explains how to get the most out of your listening experience.

This 52 minutes of Wonderful Music is Tuned to a Frequency (396Hz) that has helped calm thousands of pets around the world. It works for humans, too! Enjoy total mind & body rejuvenation simply by playing the "Wholetones" music in the background – at home or at work.

What Other Pet Lovers Are Saying...

Rita Vasquez My dog was in my room while I played the songs. He jumped up on my bed and was very calm, watching the cd player for a long time. He stretched out and listened to every one of the CD's and was so calm after that. Thank you so much.

Karen Morales My BIG dogs, as well love Wholetones™. They are both rescues and seniors... Since Ginger, my Ridgeback/Sharpei, was neutered way too young (that's a whole other post for this integrative health coach) she has joint issues; causing her to limp. They visibly lessen after listening to Wholetones™. My Lab, King (aka Kaboom, since he is like Wreck it Ralph/bull in a china shop) was given away when his owners divorced and his foster owners couldn't get him to "understand/obey" their commands. Two years later, we adopted him and "accidentally" discovered that he understands Spanish and is verbally and hand signal trained - such a good boy. It has been funny to watch Ginger learn Spanish as we speak to King. Needless to say, King has abandonment issues which Wholetones™ has helped to soothe.

Jon Harrison I popped in the CD at home to have some peaceful background music and... after just a few minutes, I literally witnessed my 2 dogs passing their toy back & forth to each other... even going so far as to bring it to the other dog and place it at their feet or even right in the other dog's mouth! You may be thinking this was just a coincidence (as was I) but I haven't played that CD at home again and my dogs haven't done this again since! I say just TRY IT OUT!! You have nothing to lose if it doesn't work but so much to gain if it does! Thank you Michael Tyrrell and your team of very talented musicians and to everyone who made Wholetones™ a reality! It has already begun to change my life in small but very important ways!!! God Bless you all!

ALVIN Our dog a puggles breed was itching, scratching, digging, and biting himself daily and was not playful for a long time until we started playing the wholetones and praise God now very soon after our dog does not scratch, dig, bite, or chew so aggressively like before, just a tiny bit like a normal dog... now our dog likes to play all the time and he seems so relaxed now, not tense like before.

Cindy King I ordered these because I have two rescue dogs who suffer from PTSD. We have employed the use of salt lamps, aromatherapy "spa" music and chakra stones but i use the Wholetones™ in the car when we have to drive together and it keeps them calm enough to sleep. No more wailing and freak outs and I am sure I am benefitting too!

You’re getting this special offer because this is our first time selling Wholetones™ directly to dog lovers. Over the years, we've received floods of testimonials from our happy customers about the incredible effect Wholetones™ has on their pets... So we wanted to get this in the hands of as many of you as possible!

You get $29.90 worth of Wholetones™ absolutely FREE! Again, all I ask is you cover my shipping and handling costs.

Click the button next to this video now to get instant access to this healing music and start calming your dog today!

Get over 52 Minutes of Calming Music For Stressed Out Pets($19.95 Value) for FREE (Just Pay $4.95 Shipping)

* Start enjoying your instant access digital download right away, CD ships in 2 to 3 weeks. *

Our Guarantee to You...

If Wholetones™ for Pets: Calming Music For Stressed Out Pets doesn't stop unwanted barking, whimpering, whining, and chewing... if it doesn’t minimize separation anxiety and let you come home to your dog feeling peaceful and content... or if it fails to help calm and relax your dog... even after surgery or moments of high stress... then I understand that all I need to do is send back my CD and I will receive a full refund, no hassels, no problems!

*View our full refund policy here


Remember, every minute you wait to get "Wholetones™ for Pets: Calming Music For Stressed Out Pets" is another minute you and your dog have to deal with unwanted barking, aggression, stress, and anxiety.

Your choice here is completely risk-free. Either Wholetones™ greatly contributes to your life and the life of your dog... Calming them in times of stress, relieving them of separation anxiety, and getting them to stop barking so you can enjoy peace and quiet... Or you can just send the CD back to us for a full refund.


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