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If you have trouble falling and staying asleep through the night — pay close attention to the following announcement...

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Do you have trouble sleeping? Then this will be THE most important letter you ever read because you're about to discover a crazy idea that works like a dream to put you out like a light... each and every night!

This amazing Sleep Solution is now clinically proven to help you fall asleep faster, stay asleep longer, and wake up refreshed!

Dear Sleepless Friend,

If you're trying to get a good night's rest and you can't—you're probably feeling pretty frustrated.

Your lids feel like sandpaper against your eyeballs...

You may toss around for hours throughout the night looking for that "sweet spot..."

Then the real dread hits you—you haven't looked at your phone to see the time... but all of the sudden — there it is:

The sun creeps in through your window...

It's a horrible feeling... but one that's easily remedied.

I'll show you how...

Because just like you and 60 million other people—I had trouble sleeping.

Being on the road 300 days-a-year as a touring musician takes its toll.

I used to eat my dinner in the middle of the night. I'd be up packing my gear until 5am, staying in the worst flophouses all around the country...

When I was home, I couldn't sleep because I'd gotten used to my unhealthy schedule.

In short, my circadian rhythm (aka—your sleep/wake cycle) was out of whack.

Your circadian rhythm is like a 24-hour clock running in your body.

It's why you feel lively and punchy at certain times of the day, and why you're supposed to feel sleepy and ready for bed at night.

Mine was so screwed up from being on the road, that I remember hearing footsteps and keys jingling in the hall outside my apartment—people were going to work—that's how I knew it was morning again.

Aside from a few "catnaps," I was up days at a time with no sleep

If you've ever had the pleasure of staying up all night like a zombie watching hour after hour of Rotating Chicken Roasters and "miracle" mop shows at 2am, you know what I'm talking about.

I knew I had to do something... but it would be years filled with research, drawing boards, and trials before I could create the miracle I'm about to share with you.

And once you try this, you'll be amazed at its potent effects delivered through such ideal simplicity.

If you've ever...

  • Had mood swings that took you from happy to sad to mad to anxious and worried... and felt that unsettling, sinking feeling in the pit of your stomach...
  • Had a hard time focusing on the simplest of things that used to come naturally to you... if you've ever read the same line in a book or paper several times and still couldn't soak up the material, you know exactly what I mean...
  • Felt "lost" or had trouble thinking clearly...
  • Screeched to a halt in mid-sentence because you either forgot what you were saying or couldn't grab the right word...
  • Simply been grumpy and hard to get along with...

These are the complications of sleep deprivation, my friend. I've been there.

It's I right?

If you're like me...

You wish you could have back all the hours you lost to sleepless nights

For me, the raw adrenaline from being on stage kept me staring at the ceiling...

I even painted my windows black one time to block the sun—talk about desperate!

So believe me when I say I know what you're going through.

Why your body loves sleep?

Image courtesy Jan Diehm for The Huffington Post

To be blunt, not being able to sleep just sucks.

As the image above shows, we have 4 stages of sleep that we cycle through each night at about 90 minutes each.

A full 8-hour slumber is how your body makes its daily repairs, heals, and rebuilds damaged tissues.

Your brain flushes out bio-wastes that gum up your neural network—10 times better than when you're awake!

But if you can't (or won't) sleep, your body and mind are in limbo... all the "behind the scenes" healing will not happen for you.

That's why I'm writing you today

To give you the chance (if you hesitate you will miss out) to solve your sleep problems...

Best of all you don't need a prescription, it has ZERO side-effects, and you'll never have to check with your doctor before "taking" it.

It's 100% natural, drug-free, and safe enough for babies and pets. Because what I'm talking about is not a "nightcap," aromatherapy, or a pill.

It's simple vibration... sound frequencies that have the amazing power to reset the clock of your circadian rhythm.

In fact, 69% of study participants in our clinical trial had improved Integrated Sleep Recovery which means their sleep was more restful and they had more efficient sleep compared to control with no music. You’ll feel it too!

Within minutes you feel yourself unwind.

Your muscles relax as the tension runs out of your body...

(66% of the participants improved their ability to fall asleep within 30 minutes of going to bed when listening to this amazing music!)

The flash of random thoughts that keep you awake begin to quiet down and stop.

At that moment—you'll feel the magic of this inspired creation.

Just imagine how this would feel...

You lay down in bed.

You flip one switch and in about 15 minutes you're out like a light.

As you drift off, you think you must be in heaven...

Only this is real.

Next thing you know, you wake.

It's a beautiful morning... you're refreshed, energized, and ready to own your day.

Dear Mike just wanted you to know I purchased wholetones for sleep about one year ago.

I'm a 70 year old widower, have had many challenges, been on antidepressants for many years, could never get off of them, I'm happy to say I'm drug free with no side effects. I keep the sleeping machine on 24/7 and it has helped me with depression. Ty for your contribution to the wellness of people you don't even know. Ty for following Jesus. I was raised in a Mormon home was studying with Jehovah's witnesses when I was Radically saved by Jesus you are proof that God is not done with me. Blessings

- Janice P.

My mother has dementia and lots of trouble sleeping.

I bought 2sleep. We literally plugged in the player, turned it on and within 5-10 minutes she was falling asleep sitting up. Beginning to have less need for Trazadone for sleeplessness. After the death of my husband I realized it had been 4 years since I had slept more than 3 hours at a time. My doctor became very concerned and I've taken Trazadone (a supposedly non-addictive sleep med). I want to be able to sleep naturally, and believe 2sleep is helping me get there. Stress level are diminishing.

- Denise E.

Your mind is sharp as a razor... Somehow you feel lighter... Your body's more flexible and responsive

For the first morning in what seems like a lifetime, you don't sneer at the sun like some baggy-eyed vampire.

See, the reality is we live in a 24/7 society. If you let it, it will take you down.

But if you want to turn the disruption off and enjoy deep, restful sleep night after night, let me show you what to do.

I personally guarantee you'll never feel the agony of sleep deprivation again.

In fact, you can start tonight.

But I'll be honest... I can only give it to the first 1000 folks who respond...

I'll explain why in just a minute.

Before I get to the exciting details and why so many people will miss this opportunity, I should probably introduce myself.

My name's Michael S. Tyrrell.

I'm a musician, Worship Leader, author, and a proud son of God.

And I made a discovery many moons ago that changed my life and the lives of others all over the world.

But today...

It's all about YOU

Because you're not alone, my friend...

60 million people have trouble—chronic or occasional—falling and staying asleep.

That's why this is the most important letter you've ever read.

This may be hard for you to believe—but I care about your well-being and your family's too.

Because I've suffered. I've had sleep problems all my life and let me tell you—I wouldn't wish that on my worst enemy (if I had any enemies).

I was so tired I couldn't even pay attention.

Thankfully, I made an astonishing discovery that would literally save my life.

Many years ago—more than I'd care to reveal—I met a piano player in Jerusalem named David.

He was playing Christian songs of worship in an orthodox Jewish coffee house!

My friend and I were the only ones who knew what he was up to...

We knew he was a believer.

He must've felt the same from us.

Because he strolled up to our table during a break and we got to talking about music.

Suddenly, he ran to his car and when he came back—handed me a thin, yellowed, kind of pathetic looking book.

This book had a lot of character...

And a 3,000 year-old secret to restful sleep

Of course I didn't know it at the time, but that piano player had given me the manuscript of psalms written by King David himself.

Now, locked inside those psalms was a 3,000 year-old secret that led to my invention.

I realized that every one of those psalms (7 of ‘em) had its very own frequency.

Now a frequency is simply the number of times something repeats itself.

Like the repetition of our heartbeats... that's a frequency.

When the doctor asks you to open up and go, "AHHHHHH" the vibration of your vocal chords is a frequency.

Every sound... every wave, signal, and motion creates a frequency. And frequencies are measured with a unit called hertz (Hz).

It's simply the rate a frequency vibrates.

And my discovery went even further...

I found that each of these frequencies made up what's known as the solfeggio scale.

Now I was getting excited!

Before David was King, he used to soothe King Saul by playing his harp using the frequencies of the solfeggio scale.

Those frequencies had the ability to calm and relax Saul... therefore, they must have the same power over us too...


I was really cookin' now...

There was no stopping me. I went "all in" and dug even deeper. Finally I uncovered...

The very same frequencies David may have used to calm Saul when he was out of sorts

These frequencies (measured in hertz, remember) were: 396 Hz, 417 Hz, 444 Hz, 528 Hz, 639 Hz, 741 Hz, & 852 Hz

I started experimenting with these frequencies... playing them on my guitar.

Eventually I discovered that to get the proper modulation, I had to retune my instrument to mirror David's tuning.

Well... let me tell you—it was very different from today's tuning.

The official concert pitch adopted 1936 by the American Standards Association, calls for the note A to be tuned to 440 Hz.

This simply didn't work with David's music... it was like listening to a radio station when you are trying to hear 101.1, but the dial is on 101.3. It's close, but it's just not going to come in clear!

To make a long story short, I decided I was going to set these healing frequencies to modern music.

And I did.

I created Wholetones®: The Healing Frequency Music Project.

When people heard it, they went NUTS.

I got lots of feedback—all excellent... not ONE bit negative.

Today, I'm delighted and proud to tell you Wholetones® is in 162 countries around the globe!

But that's only half the story...

You see, folks were reporting lower blood pressure, peaceful relaxation in themselves, their children, and their pets.

Frankly, I expected as much... but there was more.

Reports of spontaneous healing, post-traumatic stress vanished in soldiers and people who'd been mentally or physical abused, chronic pain and disorders of the gut improved and even disappeared.

Even some diseases were reported to miraculously clear up.

Now of course, I can't verify all these claims—I can only tell you what the folks who use Wholetones® took the time out to write in and say.

Personally, I can tell you that I, my family, and my close friends have had remarkable experiences listening to this music.

And please understand—I say this not to brag...

In fact, when we went into the studio to record this music, I firmly believe it was God who played the songs through us!

Then, there was the effect I never saw coming...

A shocking number of people wrote in to tell us that Wholetones was helping them sleep better.

Now this is nothing new.

Music has been helping people sleep for hundreds of years.

The National Sleep Foundation says that listening to relaxing music 45 minutes before bedtime can allow you to fall asleep faster, sleep longer, and wake up less during the night.

An article in The Guardian, said that soft jazz, classical, and some blues work magic for you to get zzzz's between the sheets, but you should consider the volume.

"Too low and it's irritating, too loud and you can't sleep."

They also said that you should make sure the last song in your sleep playlist slowly fades out.

Apparently, our bodies respond to sudden silence—by waking.

I don't know about you but to me that all sounds like a lot of work...

...sorting through a bunch of random songs, creating a playlist or two, making sure the last song fades so you don't get jarred out of your sleep by the shock of sudden silence...

Plus there's no guarantee it will work for you anyway!

At that moment I was never more proud... Wholetones® helps people sleep without taking hours to root through songs and create bedtime playlists.

YES — this really happened

You see, the music of Wholetones® is busy in lots of places... there are thunderous drums, majestic bass lines, and some pretty lively guitar work.

In short, the frequencies were bringing peace and tranquility, but the music was distracting listeners and counteracting the benefits of the frequencies.

I admit, I didn't think much of it.

I went on to create and release 2 more Wholetones® products that thrilled people like hotcakes on a Sunday morning.

That's when the correspondence from customers started to really inspire me to push the envelope further...

I even got on the horn and called people at home.

Talked till I was hoarse in the throat.

And it was worth every salt water gargle.

Because not only did I gain some incredible intel on how I could help people going forward, I got to know hundreds of folks who have lit me up like the North Star.

Folks I would never have had the pleasure to know if I just stayed inside my box.

After talking with all those people... and listening to what they had to say, something started eating at me... the drums... the distractions... people want to sleep but they can't.

They want something without drums. Something softer. More supportive of a good night's sleep.

So I sat down and rooted through song after song.

None seemed to work for what we all had in mind.

Then it hit me...

Lullabies for grown-ups!

I immediately set out to find the perfect lullabies... ones that were celebrated internationally and here at home.

I narrowed it down and grabbed 4 that I felt captured the spirit of:

  • A. What people wanted
  • B. Complete inner peace and tranquility

STILL wasn't good enough.

So I wrote 2 more lullabies from scratch!

Next, I did some more research.

I had to settle on the right frequency for these lullabies... they had to be sleep-specific and above all they had to bring you 6-8 hours of undisturbed slumber.


Once I found the right frequency and assigned it to the right song, I was ready to lay down these tracks and create the MOST often asked for item in Wholetones® history—the portable music player with 3 hours of music guaranteed to put you sound asleep.

I called up my dear friend and amazing musician Sundui (Sun-day) and back to the studio we went.

The result?

"The only song I never hear the end of!"

That's what one gentleman had to say after he listened to my latest creation—it put him out before he could get to the end of one lullaby...

This soothing, new, almost magical 6-song collection of lullabies for grown-ups (and everyone else) is putting more and more people to sleep every night.

And to my utter amazement, it gained national attention!

Listen to Examples of This Amazing Collection

Best of all, you won't need a stereo. You won't need a CD player. You won't even need your computer to use this powerful sleep aid. It's the magic sleeping pill you never even have to swallow.

I call this brand new product

Wholetones® 2Sleep

and trust me it's going to change your life2sleeplander.png

How do I know?

I know because I commissioned a full clinical trial of Wholetones® 2Sleep at the Center for Health and Human Performance at Jacksonville University to PROVE IT!

This was a Single Blind, Randomized, Controlled, Crossover Trial to test the Efficacy of Wholetones ®2Sleep Music on Sleep and Health Behaviors of Adults with Insomnia Symptoms.

Here is what the study showed:

  • 100% of the participants reported improvements in at least one sleep quality item while listening to Wholetones ® 2Sleep Music compared to the control condition with no music.
  • 79% of study participants were in a better mood following listening to Wholetones®.
  • 69% of study participants had improved Integrated Sleep Recovery which means their sleep was more restful and they had more efficient sleep compared to control with no music (Interpretation: Participants experienced vastly improved sleep patterns, resulting in more restful and efficient sleep.)
  • Wholetones® 2Sleep is clinically proven to help you fall asleep faster, stay asleep longer, and wake up refreshed!

I don't think I have slept so soundly in my life!

When I got the new Wholetones® 2Sleep, it revolutionized my sleep! I have used melatonin for years with inconsistent results. I have used therapeutic oils also inconsistent results. The original Wholetones were helpful, but sometimes the percussion sounds would wake me up. I have been using this new Wholetones player for a couple of weeks and I don't think I have slept so soundly in my life. I play them when I go to bed and I sleep so deeply and soundly I am amazed. I sleep for a full eight hours and wake up naturally. I am sold on both of these sets. I play the originals during the day and the lullaby set at night.

- Sharon C.

Helped me sleep better than I have
in the past couple of years.

By far my favorite Wholetones® collection yet! This one is a game changer if falling asleep or staying asleep is a challenge. As a woman in her mid-40s, I've found that my changing hormones cause sleep disruption to the point where I'm irritable during the day or in need of regular naps. Wholetones has helped me sleep better than I have in the past couple of years. Even if I wake [in] the middle of the night, I put on a song and am lulled right back to sleep. Thankful for Wholetones®!

- Amy S.

What this means for you

When we launched our first version of Wholetones® 2Sleep...

We were buried with so many orders, we had to shut down the website and put hundreds of people on backorder!

It was crazy!

Now earlier I told you that only 1000 people with sleep trouble would be able to get this special product today.


Now let me tell you why...

We were so excited with the incredible new updates we made to our Wholetones® 2Sleep product, we requested a RUSH order from our factory, and WAY under estimated how many we would need, therefore we only have 1,000 units speeding their way to our warehouse now.

But our mistake is your good fortune...

You see, with all the research, trial and error... frequency experimentation, and from-scratch writing that went into this—not to mention my tremendous out of pocket costs to get this recorded and built into a portable speaker...

And when you consider the promise of a lifetime of cozy, peaceful, restorative sleep, this item could easily sell for as much as $495 dollars.

Heck the average cost of a sleep clinic is $1000—per night.

And that's just for the monitoring...

NO guarantee you'll sleep.

So I'm sure you can agree—half that cost for guaranteed better sleep and better health every night for life is a bona-fide bargain.

Better sleep, better health

That said, I have two problems:

1I only have a thousand of these lined up.
2I don't want to put people on back-order again.
Let me be perfectly clear — these WILL sell out
YES, I Want My  Wholetones® 2Sleep

It's really quite simple: when they're gone, they're gone.

No back orders. No rainchecks. It is what it is...

Good news is, you won't pay $495 for your Wholetones® 2Sleep portable speaker.

Even though it comes handsomely packaged with a charging cord with a wall plug or USB, and ready to play right out of the box.

It fits in the palm of your hand yet produces rich, full-range sound at a whisper or a roar—crank it up and you'll fill a room with clear, crisp sound.

So I spoke with my business partners, and we decided Wholetones® 2Sleep would sell for $327.

We both agreed that would be fair...

...for this incredible field-tested and proven way to sleep soundly through the night—100% naturally—for life.

NO renewals
NO refills
NO subscriptions
NO doctors
NO drugs

I want to make this easy for you.

I don't want anything to stand in the way of you getting the best night's sleep you've had in years—especially price.

I understand that even at $327, it might be a little much for you if you're trying to save money or catch up on bills.

So I'm going to let you have Wholetones® 2Sleep right NOW—not next week, not tomorrow, not even later—do this now, and you can have one of only 1000 units for the rock-bottom price of just $99.

Remember — these WILL sell out.

No question about it... So if you're serious about your health and your sleep, you'll jump on this while supplies last.

Regular Price


Today’s Price

YES, I Want My  Wholetones® 2Sleep

Because once they're gone, they're gone.

Now I have something very important to tell you.

Please pay close attention because this is your exclusive Assurance Guarantee.

I insist on your complete satisfaction or NO DEAL.

I mean it.

Pick up Wholetones® 2Sleep right NOW for only $99 and for the next 90 DAYS, your purchase is locked in a 100% satisfaction guarantee.

If at any time for the next 90 days, you stop loving Wholetones® 2Sleep or it doesn't work for you — everybody's different and what works for some may not work for everyone—simply send it back in ANY condition.

And you WILL receive a complete refund of every penny you paid, minus shipping and handling.

100% Guaranteed. That's non-negotiable.


You must be satisfied or I refuse to keep your money.

So don't be confused...

Some folks have asked me, "does Wholetones® 2Sleep really work?"

YES—it really does. Please give me the opportunity to prove it to you.

And if you don't believe it works, let me prove it to you for the next 90 days at my risk.

Your sleep is very important to you—whether you know it or not, your mind and body start to fall apart when you can't sleep or don't sleep well through the night.

YES, I Want My  Wholetones® 2Sleep

Protect yourself, your excellent health, and the health of your loved ones with Wholetones® 2Sleep.

It's the most incredible drug-free sleep breakthrough ever created. Order yours today with no obligation.

Remember: if you're not happy for any reason (or none at all) return your Wholetones®2Sleep in any condition for a 100% complete refund of every penny minus shipping and handling—that guarantee is good for 90 days.

But from what I've personally seen, once you listen to Wholetones® 2Sleep there will be no way you want to return it.

So let's quickly recap... Here's everything you're getting today:

  • The portable, fits-in-the-palm-of-your-hand speaker system preloaded with Wholetones® Life, Love, & Lullabies. Fill any room with soothing healing frequency lullabies for grown-ups and everyone else from babies to pets. Small enough to go anywhere and rechargable. A $327 value—NOW just $99!
  • My No-Hassle, Iron-Clad 100% Money Back Guarantee—for 90 days! I respect you. And I wouldn't ask you to do anything I wouldn't do... and I wouldn't lay down my hard earned money for something—no matter how good it is—without some kind of guarantee on my investment. That's why I'm putting my neck on the line for you. The risk is all on me, because if you're not completely thrilled with Wholetones ®2Sleep – for any reason—return it (in any condition). And you'll get a prompt, courteous, refund of every penny—minus shipping & handling. Good for a full 90 days from today. You can even pass this guarantee down to your family... if they're not satisfied you get your money back!
In total, you're saving a cool $228.00 today!

And the emails I'll send you are from my heart... you cannot put a price tag on such personal musings...

Remember: your email address is safe with me. I pity outfits that spam. And spam has no place in the Wholetones® Universe.

So join me and thousands of others who are falling asleep faster, staying asleep through the night, and feeling healthier than they have in years.

Get your Wholetones® 2Sleep Gen2 portable speaker system preloaded with the 6 grown-up lullabies guaranteed to put you out like a light.

While supplies last...

Due To Overwhelming Demand This item WILL SELL OUT

  • Rugged new brushed aluminium case!
  • Larger, high density speaker for AMAZING sound quality!
  • Updated, easier to use controls that light up so you can see them at night!
  • Nearly 3 hours of sleep-including music!

Regular Price


Today’s Price

YES, I Want My  Wholetones® 2Sleep 

I didn't have my usual headache...

I'm pretty much hooked! Also, while listening, I found that I woke up with less pain and stress. I found that I didn't have my usual headache from grinding my teeth! My dogs were also sleeping through the night instead of wanting to me to get up and let them out— WOW!

- Elizabeth H.

Allowed me to fall asleep quickly without medication.

Before Wholetones® I slept no more than 6 hours. I withdrew from sleep medication 8 months ago after being on them from my Dr for 15+ years. The first night with Wholetones® I slept 8 hours!:) My dog loves it too! I have already bragged about this to my friends. Thank you!!!

- Kristy

Be Whole!

P.S. If you can't fall asleep and stay asleep for 6-8 hours every night—your body and mind are falling apart. Supplements can help, but unless you get your "40 winks" your body is not healing, repairing, or rebuilding lost and damaged tissues. Taking drugs or even natural medications won't work.

You need the tested, proven sleep support system ONLY found in Wholetones® 2Sleep. But remember: I only have 1000 of these and when they're gone—they're gone. If you want one (and I know you do) get yours right NOW. If you're on the fence or can't believe it will work for you—order NOW and try it tonight for yourself. You simply cannot lose with my 100% No Hassle, Iron Clad money back guarantee. If Wholetones® 2Sleep doesn't put out like a light every single night, simply return it for a refund. (Less S&H). So order yours now before they're all gone... they WILL sell out and then you'll never know the peace and tranquility you might have had.

P.P.S. Don't forget... you're saving $228 on this exclusive, one-time offer today! So not only is your purchase guaranteed, you're coming out ahead before you even start. Order now.