Wholetones for Pets

Do you have a stressed out pet? Are fireworks, sirens, storms or noisy kids causing grief and unhealthy behavior in your kitty or puppy?

I’ve seen the science… and I’ve followed the independent lab results – and the fact is, these almost magical “healing frequencies” will help your precious pet (and you) have a more stress-free life!

Wholetones For Pets features specially composed, original music infused at the exact frequency of 396hz. This music frequency is designed to give relief to your furry companions that are dealing with separation anxiety, being overly stressed or being scared from loud noises, anti-social behavior in cats, and more. Thousand of testimonials from satisfied owners confirm it’s truly calming music for your stressed out pets!

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I ordered these because I have two rescue dogs who suffer from PTSD. We have employed the use of salt lamps, aromatherapy "spa" music and chakra stones but i use the Wholetones™ in the car when we have to drive together and it keeps them calm enough to sleep. No more wailing and freak outs and I am sure I am benefitting too!

Cindy King - Rescue Dog Owner

After listening to Wholetones nightly for about 3-4 weeks, I have felt a definite shift, and I have felt an increase in energy and creativity! Since listening to Wholetones nightly for a couple of months we have noticed our two Siamese cats sleep in every morning, and no longer try to wake us up around 5:30am. We even saw one of them moving his paw to the rhythm of the music!

Jan Atencio - Siamese Cat Mom