Wholetones 2Sleep, Featuring Life, Love & Lullabies (3 CD's)

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Wholetones 2Sleep featuring Life, Love & Lullabies is music designed to help ANYONE feel more relaxed, have greater peace, and best of all, get better sleep than they've had in years. This is a 3 CD collection of 6 beautiful songs, each approximately 30 minutes in length. That's 3 hours of music to help you fall asleep and stay asleep! – All covered by a 365–day money back guarantee

Track List:
1. Brahm’s Lullaby (174hz)
2. Gabriella (333hz)
3. Suo Gân (396hz)
4. All The Pretty Horses (444hz)
5. All Through The Night (528hz)
6. Angels All Around Us (963/120hz)