Wholetones Pets


Wholetones For Pets contains over 52 minutes of specially composed original music infused at the exact frequency of 396hz. This music is designed to give relief to your furry companions that are dealing with separation anxiety, being overly stressed or being scared from loud noises such as fireworks, thunderstorms, loud vehicles, anti-social behavior in cats, etc.


Wholetones for Pets is designed to be a “Set it and forget it” device. Simply find a place on a counter or shelf near where your furry friend spends the most time, plug it in...and the calming, soothing sounds will automatically begin playing. You can set the volume to a level comfortable for you. Any range from loud to quiet enough that you can barely hear it will still work to calm your pet. The player must be plugged in to operate, there is no battery to worry about recharging, and this helps reduce toxic waste in the environment.