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Introduced to the world in 2014 as the Healing Frequency Music Project by renowned musician Michael S. Tyrrell, Wholetones has grown into a full line of award winning solutions for many of the most common problems found in today’s society.

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Wholetones was created to heal the world. We haven’t yet accomplished this ambitious goal, but we have created an effective line of frequency based therapeutic music that can help you relieve stress, calm and soothe your pet, gain more energy for your day, and we even have solutions that are clinically proven to help you fall asleep faster, stay asleep longer, and wake up refreshed. How can we serve you today?

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Relieve Stress and Anxiety

Listeners report that Wholetones removes stress, soothes anxiety and may even help to relieve pain. Word of this incredible collection of divinely inspired music has spread around the world like wildfire!


Better Sleep

The NEW AND IMPROVED Wholetones 2Sleep Gen 2 music player – with the 6 musical frequencies of Wholetones Life, Love & Lullabies, a rugged new case, amazing sound quality, and improved control features.


Energy For Your Day

Wholetones ACTIV is sustainable energy with NO side effects! Forget dangerous energy drinks with all of their health-destroying side affects. Skip that expensive coffee.All you need is Wholetones ACTIV to get the “Kick in the pants” that will get you through the day!


Calm Your Pet

This music is designed to give relief to your furry companions that are dealing with separation anxiety, being overly stressed or being scared from loud noises such as fireworks, thunderstorms, loud vehicles, anti-social behavior in cats, etc. 


The Wholetones Platinum Package

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This package is the perfect way to bring the healing music of Wholetones into your home! It includes our original 7-CD set, a Hardback copy of "The Sound of Healing", Wholetones Chroma, and a ToGo Player.

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Wholetones Platinum Package with Free Shipping

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As a PhD researcher I study natural ways to improve health and wellbeing – including sleep. In a clinical study we recently completed at Jacksonville University we found that listening to Wholetones® 2Sleep music improved people’s sleep quality. In fact, 100% of our study participants sleep quality improved when they listened to Wholetones 2Sleep music compared to no music. Most participants fell asleep quicker, slept longer, and had more restorative sleep when they listened to Wholetones. The end result – they were in a better mood, had improved focus, had less stress and anxiety, and were more productive. Wholetones 2Sleep is a scientifically proven way to help you sleep better and get more out of your day. Easy, effective, and clinically proven.

I have witnessed thousands of healing modalities, products, and technologies over the course of my career that has bridged academic medicine and pharmaceutical research, to my integrative medical clinic and self-funded research laboratory. The power of sound healing dates back to the earliest healing traditions on our planet, and has nearly been lost in the chaos of our pharma/nutraceutical minded society. Wholetones delivers a unique approach and simple practice to deliver the potent energetic alignment that has long been achieved only with years of experienced meditation. Enjoy this journey!

Michael Tyrrell is one of those people who makes you feel like royalty when you're around him. He is filled with the love of God and has a powerful understanding of Jesus and His kingdom. We have traveled the world together and it is very evident to me that Michael is carrying a special piece of what is needed in this generation. "He is an authentic expression of love who imparts hope everywhere he goes. I have learned a lot from Michael and I'm happy to call him a friend.

I met Michael and Lillian Tyrrell in 2007 after being a Christian for 2 years. They have poured their heart and soul into my life. A strong deliverance took place in me while Michael performed his song, Lion In The Garden. Michael has a real heart for the church to walk in freedom and maturity. I'm proud to call him and Lillian my friends.