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Activ CD

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Wholetones ACTIV is sustainable energy with NO side effects! Forget dangerous energy drinks with all of their health-destroying side affects. Skip that expensive coffee. Don't even THINK about over the counter “pep pills”. All you need is Wholetones ACTIV to get the “Kick in the pants” that will get you through the day!

 ACTIV is 8 spine-tingling songs that will give you maximum daily energy!

Disc 1 – Movement

1) “Victor’s Crown” 174Hz (120 BPM) Time: 11:00 Gets your heart going!
2) “The Burn” 396Hz (120 BPM) Time: 10:35 You will not be able to sit still when listening to The Burn!
3) “Youtopia” 417Hz (135 BPM) Time: 11:21 Why? You! The perfect place for YOU is living a life at 100%. Where everything you do is to the max! Use for cardio to get max heart rate.
4) “Breathe” 120/963Hz (93 BPM) Time: 11:01 For stretching, yoga, Pilates, and cool down

Disc 2 – Energy

5) “Hertz So Good” 285Hz (120 BPM) Time: 8:00 I want to pump you up! This one is intense! Great for weight training, core, kettlebell workout
6) “Roxygen” 333Hz (114 BPM) Time: 11:52 Excellent for every day energizing or exercise ramp up
7) “Never Give Up” 444Hz (115 BPM) Time: 12:12 ALL of us in life need to push through things from time to time. This song just keeps me going like the mechanical bunny!
8) “Catching Air” 528Hz (95 BPM) Time: 12:54 This song is great for finishing a strong workout, cool down, stretching, or floor exercises