Wholetones Wind Chimes


Expected release date is 28th Nov 2023

A beautiful blend of style and utility, each wind chime is hand tuned to contain a Solfeggio frequency used in Michael Tyrrell's Healing Frequency Music Project. These wind chimes are available in 3 distinct colors that offer a traditional look (Silver, Black and Copper finishes).  The wind catch is secured with durable and weather resistant nylon string, while the actual chimes are built using corrosion resistant anodized stainless aluminum, they were built to last for years in the any climate. 

These wind chimes look great hanging in your garden, on your front porch or even inside your house.  They make great gifts for the holidays, birthdays, special occasions and in the remembrance of loved ones. 7 weather and corrosion resistant stainless anodized aluminum wind chimes with a stamped aluminum wind catch. 

YouTube Sample: Click here

Included frequencies:

396hz, length 56 CM, 22.1"
417hz, length 55 CM, 21.5"
444hz, length 53 CM, 20.8"
528hz, length 49 CM, 19.3"
639hz, length 46 CM, 18.1"
741hz, length 41 CM, 16.1"
852hz, length 39 CM, 15.4"

104 CM, or 41" hanging length.