Classic Collection: 7 CDs + Book - Wholetones

Classic Collection: 7 CDs + Book

Classic Collection: 7 CDs + Book

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Introducing the Wholetones Complete Healing Collection: your gateway to a profound journey of rejuvenation and tranquility. This remarkable bundle combines the divine melodies of the Wholetones 7-CD set with the enlightening wisdom of "The Sound Of Healing" hardcover book, both crafted by the renowned composer and healing frequency expert, Michael S. Tyrrell.

About the Wholetones Music Collection: Immerse yourself in nearly 3 hours (157 minutes total) of therapeutic music, meticulously composed to wash away stress, alleviate anxiety, and potentially relieve pain. Each of the 7 CDs features a unique song, tuned to the miraculous healing frequencies that Michael S. Tyrrell discovered during a transformative night in Israel. These frequencies, with roots stretching back to Biblical times, were reputedly used by King David himself to bring solace to King Saul. Now, they're available to you, offering a modern musical experience imbued with ancient healing powers.

About "The Sound Of Healing" Book: This is no ordinary book; it is a voyage into the essence of sound, music, and vibrational healing. Michael S. Tyrrell shares his intimate journey with healing frequencies, detailing their profound impact on his family and their historical significance. "The Sound Of Healing" not only unveils the mystery behind these ancient tones but also guides you on applying them in your life. Musicians will find a special chapter dedicated to recalibrating instruments to harness the power of the 7 healing frequencies, opening a new dimension of musical and spiritual expression.

Why Choose the Wholetones Complete Healing Collection?

  • Stress Relief & Anxiety Reduction: Each track and chapter is designed to foster a state of relaxation and peace, helping to soothe your mind, body, and spirit.
  • Deep Historical Roots: Discover sounds that connect you with a tradition of healing believed to date back to King David's time.
  • Inspirational Insights: Learn from Michael S. Tyrrell's personal exploration of sound therapy and its application in today's world.
  • For Musicians and Non-Musicians Alike: Whether you're looking to deepen your understanding of healing frequencies or wish to incorporate them into your musical practice, this collection offers something for everyone.

Elevate your wellbeing and enrich your soul with the Wholetones Complete Healing Collection – a testament to the timeless power of healing through sound.